Specializing in OnLine Auctions

Today it is possible to conduct an Auction on the internet with the same pace and excitement as an Onsite Auction.   Buyers from around the world are able to bid from the comfort of their home or the office.   Online auctions are a great option whenever there are challenges at the location in which the assets are located (i.e. very limited parking, small yard, development will not allow an Onsite Auction).  At Auctions50, we can provide you with the services and guidance that will help you maximize your selling potential.

In today’s world, convenience is more important than opportunity.  Buyers are looking for assets online and are not interested in wasting valuable time nor gas to drive around to shop for that “deal”.  With Auctions50, buyers can “shop” for their item in the comfort of their own home, saving time and (gas) money.

Don’t wait … start turning your saleable items into cash!!  Contact Dave Weller @ 941-979-2529 for details.




Why Auctions50

The ONLINE only auction firm!​

Our Services:
•             Free Consultation 
•             We inventory, photograph, and upload the catalogue
•             We handle all financial transactions
•             We pay you right after the Auction
Our Benefits:
•             No packing, staging or trucking costs.
•             No weather delays … let it rain 
•             No parking, car traffic nor people traffic.
•             No need to have a tent, portable restrooms, or a yard full of strangers.
•             Buyers can bid at their leisure.
•             Buyers can pick-up items at our location (or yours).  
               (This option will be set-up prior to auction.)​